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2015 ~ The Year in Review
  • Ellen Quinn announces the filing for tax exempt status for WPT is in its final stages and will be completed by the end of May.
  • Plans for a formal presentation of the levee petition are discussed. Aaron Kaufer called Senator Toomey’s office on our behalf to secure a meeting.
  • The community garden project is still on hold. No word from Mark Bufalino on the status of our application.
  • Mayor Tony Denesco and Councilman Charlie Alfano will represent Town Council at our monthly meetings. 
  • Mayor Tony Dinesco, Andy Reilly, and Jim Brozena attended a meeting at the Luzerne County Courthouse concerning a HUD Resilience Grant for flood protection and mitigation projects. Dauphin County was the only entity in PA that was awarded a grant.
  • Tom Reilly addressed WPT on current and future plans for the community. He also spoke on the following issues: CDGB monies, State/ Land Bank monies, and revitalization plans for the Fort Jenkins Bridge entryway into West Pittston.
  • West Pittston Tomorrow has received its 501(3)c status at last !!!
  • A June 26th meeting was held to finalize the results of the Historic Designation Campaign. Thanks to everyone who helped get the job done.
  • WPT representatives meet with Rep. Yudichack and his staff to make a formal presentation of the levee petitions. Consensus among all involved was the campaign for flood protection needs to be based on the whole Wyoming Valley perspective.
  • Levee signs will be reinstalled along the riverbank on June 5th.
  • May 6th is planned for the first organization meeting of the Historical Designation project. Judy Aita and Judy Stevenson will co-chair the project. All residents who are interested in helping out are welcome.
  • October 23rd is chosen for the second annual Spill Basin Crawl.
  • Larry Belmont advised the board that he will retire on May 8th. Our mentor, advisor, cheerleader, and confidant will be sadly missed.
  • A West Pittston Borough page has been added to our WPT website.
  • The WP Police Department’s Code Red Program is up and running. All residents are encouraged to sign up.

  • Final preparations and assignments for the Spill Basin Crawl are reviewed. A catalog of raffle items was listed, as well as duty assignments.  
  • Ticket sales suggest a bigger crowd this year.
  • Ellen Quinn informed members we are a month behind schedule in finalizing the current stage in the Historic Designation process.
  • All systems are go for our second annual Spill Basin Crawl. Final plans are all laid out.
  • An electronics drop off proposal at the armory was nixed due to stricter state regulations, state permits, and liability issues in recent years.
  • Borough News: Five properties in town are currently slated for demolition. FEMA will enact a $250 surcharge on the homes designated as well as a $25.00 fee for any other structures on the property. Blacktopping begins on Luzerne Avenue, Fourth Street. and the lower end of Susquehanna Ave. The borough is trying to acquire the church on the corner of Luzerne and Race St.
  • Community Garden Update: A local match is required for the community garden project. WPT can apply for grant money. The borough is waiting for the 3% funds from the condemned properties as well. The project has stalled and remains unsettled.
  • Judy Aita reports some 500 homes were cataloged during the historic designation project. West Pittston Tomorrow will fund the typing and completion of the project.
  • There was no meeting scheduled for the month of December
  • We are happy to announce that the Tree Lighting and Home Decorating events were a huge success and added a lot of extra cheer in the Garden Village for the holiday!​
  • Historic Designation Update: Judy Aita reported that the merger of forms needs more work and that evaluation of the results is a long process. Patience is needed in finalizing this project. 
  • Attendance at the “Crawl” doubled, if not tripled, last year’s event.
  • WPT and WP Parks and Recreation will once again team up to conduct the annual tree-lighting ceremony at the triangle along Wyoming Avenue.
  • Preliminary plans were discussed to conduct a holiday home decorating contest. Award categories, prizes, and potential dates need finalizing.
Special Thanks to 
Secretary Linda Judge
for the Year-in-Review Summary
January - February
  • ​WPT conducts its second annual reorganization meeting. Judy Aita announces she will not remain president for the last year of her board of directors term. David Todd decided not to run as well. Linda Judge will remain secretary for the second half of her term.
  • Bob Russin continues to fight the powers-that-be for flood protection on our community’s behalf.
  • Treasurer Jane Firestine reports $6042.00 was realized by 2014’s levee campaign fundraiser.
  • Historic Designation President Mary Portelli will be the number one priority for WPT in 2015. West Pittston’s Historical Society  will join us in this endeavor.
  • Board member Walt Grabowski is invited to sit on the West Pittston Borough Board of Codes and Housing to help update and enforce local ordinances.
  • West Pittston becomes a member of the Greater Pittston Land Bank.
  • Marilyn Jacobs and Chipper Bell agree to serve as Board Members for 2015-2016.
  • 2015 Election of Officers: President: Ellen Quinn, Vice President: John Kearns, Linda Judge: Recording Secretary, Jane Firestine: Treasurer. The fourth Wednesday of each month was designated as the monthly schedule for WPT Board meetings to accommodate availability of all board members.
  • John Kearns reports that the First Spill Basin Crawl was a total success and ended the year on a high note.
  • Jane Firestine reminded everyone that annual membership fees are due.

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