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​The Natural and Cultural Resources Committee

The Natural and Pittston Cultural Resources Committee works with other individuals and groups in the borough to preserve, expand, and develop historical and recreational opportunities to enrich the lives of borough residents. Partners include the West Pittston Historical Society, West Pittston Library, and the West Shade Tree Commission. The committee will work with others create, run and promote events, programs and educational opportunities associated with the projects. 

The committee’s first round of projects are: 
  •   River Overlook & Museum 
  •   Library expansion and Community Center 
  •   Community Gardens 
  •   Treescaping 
  •   Expansion of the Century House Program 

Committee chairperson is Judy Aita (e-mail: judyaita@hotmail.com) Members include: Cliff Melberger, Joyce Lloyd, David Todd, Marta Jones, Molly Vital, Mike Vitale, Frank Keating, Anne Bramblett Barr, Garrett Barr, Maureen Keating, Ray Judge, Peggy Balberchak, Mike Balberchak, Ruth Melberger, Suzanne Speck, Anita Bubul, Tom Bubul, Diane Melvin, Fred Melvin, Jim Butera, Rev. James Thyren.